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Chapter 11: FreshWater Resources
We will be having an Exam on Fresh Water on April 7th, 2006.  Please study and be ready for this test!!
Focus Questions:
How is water polluted?
What is pollution?
Agenda: Week of April 3rd to April 7th
Chapter 11: Section 3: Freshwater Pollution
Chapter 11: Section 4: Water As an Energy Source
Monday: Redworkbook: pgs. 120-121
Tuesday: Reread Section 3   & Answer questions on page 350 #1-4
Wednesday: Redworkbook: pgs. 122-123
Thursday: Study Guide: Read pgs. 361
pg. 362 Answer #'s 1-8
Friday: Science Exam Chapter 11
Upcoming Projects: Protecting A Shoreline
pgs. 364-365
Due Date: April 29th 2006