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Creative Writing
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Creative Writing
Number of Entries
Journals Due: Letters A-J
1. You must turn in your journal if your last name begins with letters A-J.
Final Draft:
Please turn in two stories to be graded for your "Personal Narrative"
Each story must be written neatly, or typed.  It should have at least one full page, and be signed by a parent.
All entries must be recorded in your Table of Contents
10 entries
Journal Due: Letters k-z
All students whose last name begins with letters k-z, must turn in their Journal
Three poems must be turned in by this date for a grade.
Please include the date for each entry.. Make sure your writing is legible.
17 entries
Journal Due: Letters A-J
Please make sure you turn in your journal on Friday.  Grades will be recorded in your journal.  No illustrations, and one full page of text per entry.
One Short Story due!
24 Entries

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