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Ricky and Lucy like to swim, hike, run, hang out with other doggies and play catch.  They love biscuts and any table scraps that come there way... But most of all they love children. They love to see a smiling face, and someone to play with. 

Lucy Loves Ricky And I Love Lucy

Ricky and Lucy are both Labradors.  Lucy is a vanilla lab and Ricky is a black lab.  My husband and I love the old television show "I love Lucy" so we named them after the two main characters. 


Lucy is the queen!

Ricky is three years old which is twenty-one human years ( 3*7) and Lucy is (4*7) twenty-eight. Lucy is definitely the boss in the family.  I call her "queen" and Ricky is the lil "prince". She likes to beat him up and eat his food. 

Here they are running together.  Ricky is a much faster runner than Lucy, but don't tell her I told you that!!!